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EP 7 - Coulson dies in the movies & gets a TV Show. Dies in the TV show & gets a movie?

March 6, 2019

EP 7 - Agent Coulson dies in the movies & gets a TV Show. Dies in the TV Show & then gets a movie?
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  • Intro - Killing Josh’s keto with Mega Stuff Oreos


  • Weird Al - The White Stuff


  • Welcome to Yellow Spandex, our YouTube is streaming this with our cartoons now:



  • Younger-ize film effect has come a long way since X-men 3


  • Deep Fakes are freaking creepy


  • Mack is in Charge now on Agents of Shield
    Rod has full faith in AOS
    Coulson dies in the movie & gets a TV show. Dies in the TV show & gets a movie….?
    Vince Loves the slingshots


  • Netflix Marvel TV Cancellations
    Punisher Canceled
    Iron Fist canceled (& Rod still hates it)
    Jessica Jones canceled
    Luke Cage Canceled
    Daredevil Canceled
    Josh just wants a half a second show in End Game have Agents of Shield and the Defenders in it.


  • Rod & Vince talk about Punisher season 2
    Sooo much violence & wouldn’t you just pass out from the blood loss?
    The crazy, evil, creepy Pilgrim and how he represents how some people view the church today.


  • So many shows being canceled can give us a breather and help not to give us superhero overload.


  • New Marvel Shows on Disney Streaming: Loki?
    Sometimes Marvel people lie? Like “Endgame isn’t the real title…..”


  • Disliking Ragnarok... but why?


  • Rod beating a dead horse aka Aquaman
    Mainly CGI, no normal location shooting


  • Comic Readers LOVE Doom Patrol, but we haven’t seen the show yet.
    But Titans show looks awful.


  • Solo originally directed/written by Miller and Lord from Lego Movie
    Did they make it too funny?


  • Have you seen Lego Movie 2 - the second part?


  • Josh Talks about Teen Titans Go To The Movies
    Teen Titans from early 2003s is the tween version.
    Young Justice is the High School version.
    Titans on DC App is Adult version.


  • Rod says Josh and Vince told Rod about Doom Patrol, but neither of them know what he’s talking about?
    Not excited for Titans, but hold out hope for Doom Patrol


  • DC Universe App isn't everything that we were hoping for.
    As for DC movies, they need to pause for a little bit on their connected universe.
    Marvel learned that biting off more than you can chew, will bite you in the butt. Just like Marvel’s Inhumans.


  • Marvel’s had some of their own goofs like, Inhumans and the snap is somehow affected by timezones in Infinity War/Antman and the Wasp.

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