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EP 17 - Far From Over? - Spiderman, Sonic, and MK11

May 8, 2019

- The Russo's button up Endgame for us!
- Far From Home Trailer was not what we were expecting!
- YouTube Avengers clips that weren't shown in the movie!

- MK11 review by Rod
- Mortal Kombat backstories
- Josh and Vince got beatdown by friends in Mortal Kombat as kids
- Mortal Kombat cartoons were awful!
- Spiderman 67
- 90's Cartoons with Computer Animation AND 2d Animation
- Kids cartoons made from inappropriate movies
- AVGN talks about bad Mortal Kombat The Journey Begins VHS
- The Science of Mortal Kombat

- Captain N
- Reboot
- Too much good stuff out there!
- Sonic the Hedgehog movie backlash!
- Sonic Director says it's going to happen?
- They Nerfed Hulk in Endgame

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