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EP 18 - Gundam Movie and Swamp Thing TV!!!

May 14, 2019

EP 18 - Gundam Movie and Swamp Thing TV!!!

This Week we talk about:

  • Live Action Gundam Movie!
  • Pacific Rim like Gundam
  • When did Gundam start?
  • Different Gundam mechs
  • Anime hard to find in the 90s
  • 8:39 FYE & Reptar Bars
  • Gundam fans won't shut up
  • Disney & Studio Ghibli
  • Which Gundam for the movie?
  • Dark Phoenix will probably suck... again...
  • Swamp Thing TV Show on the DC Universe!!!!
  • 90's Swamp Thing Toys
  • Swamp Thing is a DC Comics character
  • Swamp Thing Returns review:
  • Slime toys in the 90s - Gak, Slimer, TMNT ooze
  • DC Universe cutting Swamp Thing show to 10 Episodes
  • (Swamp Thing Returns love scene lol)
  • Marvel vs DC... as hamburgers...
  • Guy Gets Revenge on person who spoiled Avengers!
  • People upset about spoiling
  • Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca passes away.
  • Thumb Wars
  • Star Wars and our Fathers...
  • Growing up on Superheroes and Video Games...

Don't Forget we have a youtube version!


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