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EP 2 - Book It was a scheme, a delicious scheme.

January 30, 2019

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Episode 2:

We annoyingly eat berries while talking about:

  • Book it, Pizza Hut’s reading program.
  • TMNT is really good, but only vaguely connected to the original trilogy.
  • The JEM cartoon, failed JEM movie and why Kesha with the Misfits should have been in the movie.
  • How even nerd dudes were into the idea of Jem movie until they saw the trailer.
  • Vince compares JEM to Heart, Rod thinks he’s gone a bit too far...
  • Rod’s first loves Michelle Pfifer and Katana from Mortal Combat...
  • Shera and Heman
  • Catwoman movie
  • Casting for Storm should have been Grace Jones
  • Watchman being the first movie since Batman to consider spandex type costumes.
  • Stan Lee talks about Thor swinging his hammer so fat that he flies.
  • Stormbreaker belongs to Beta Ray Bill
  • How Marvel and Kevin Feige keep the essence of the characters even while deviating from storylines like Civil War and Thor.
  • Help us figure out where to start our comic reading if we haven’t read since in the 90’s.

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