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EP 23 - Agents of Shield is back! Swamp Thing, Spiderman & More!

June 27, 2019

Sorry, we were gone for a little over a week with schedules, work and such! We'll be talking about:

  • New Agents of Shield Episodes
  • Swamp Thing is actually not bad!
  • Spiderman Far From Home
  • Dark Phoenix removed from the box office
  • Endgame rerelease!

Yellow Spandex is: 
Rod Kim
Vince Cirino
Joshua Smith

We're three casuals who ramble on about superheroes, cartoons, toys, and Nerdstalgia in general!

Rod and Vince also have a band called RKVC

Josh has A Band's Life Podcast

Josh's kids have a nerd channel called Nerd Schmerd