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EP 39 - Kevin Smith & Affleck make up, The Batman news & More!

October 23, 2019

#PaulDanoRiddler #KevinSmith #ZombieLand #CowboyBebop

  • Paul Dano as the Riddler
  • Jonah Hill out as the Penguin
  • Vince is hoping The Batman is quality like Joker
  • No Batman Origins, please?
  • Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 2020 and Zombieland (SPOILERS)
  • First Mortal Kombat movie images
  • Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith make up
  • Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes get their handprints at the Chinese Theater?
  • Kevin Smith is a Brilliant Businessman
  • John Cho hurt on Cowboy Bebop set
  • Can you unsee Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?
  • Some don't want John Cho to continue as Spike Spiegel
  • Jared Leto upset he wasn't Joker in JOKER movie
  • Bloodshot: Vin Diesel movie similar to Universal Soldier?
  • Futuristic movies that are supposed to be today.
  • Francis Ford Coppola sides with Scorsese on Marvel movies
  • The Grouch SNL Parody


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