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EP 5 - Avengers is the movie industry’s Beyoncé

February 20, 2019

EP 5 - Avengers is the movie industry's Beyonce

  • Intro- We Have a name now!

  • Fringe, Lost, other things Josh hasn't watched.

  • The Flash and shows Rod hasn't watched.

  • The Flash movie isn't happening. Ezra Miller should have been at least Wally West, his persona is waaaaay off. Marvel gets the essence of the characters right. What was The Flash movie supposed to be about?

  • Rod didn't realize Billy Russo was Jigsaw in Punisher. Hoping for crossovers from Marvel Netflix to the screen, but sadly it won't happen.

  • Wonder Woman is DCEU's only real hope. Josh and Rod wasn't originally a fan of Gadot's casting, but it grew on us.

  • Josh would have still watched the Justice League 2 even though things so far have been bad.

  • Patty Jenkins - wonders how do you mess up huge characters like Wonder Woman?

  • Iron Man was B level character until the movies came along. Iron Man anime was great.

  • Aquaman movie was alright... again. Seaman was already taken. Namor/Submariner was the cooler version of Aquaman.

  • End game is the last of Phase 3 and is 3 hours long? Make it 7 hours, we don't give a crap! Avengers is our Star Wars or James Bond series. The long runtime of Avengers Endgame could limit the amount of tickets theaters and Disney could sell per day. The Hollywood model is to have as many showings as possible.

  • 10 Years of Marvel, 22 Movies in the making. Ryan Coogler the director of Black Panther saw Iron Man before he was out of film school! Black Panther Nominated for Best Picture.

  • Avengers is the movie Industry's Beyonce! Movie testing Russos say nobody left the 3 hour movie even to go to the bathroom???

  • The Super Bowl Endgame Spot

  • The MCU movies affect the tv shows, but Tv shows don't seem to affect the movies at all.  Until, the second season of Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu?

  • Dr Strange was good, they kinda wasted Mads Mikkelsen’s acting potential in Dr Strange.

  • Black Widow Movie, Emily Blunt, etc..

  • Kids shouldn't watch Netflix Marvel oops

  • Charlize Theron into the MCU? Hancock

  • Will Carrie Fisher be just recreated via CG?

  • We'd LOVE a Nova movie! Richard Rider, Sam Alexander?
  • What happened to Nathan Fillion as Simon Phillips aka Wonderman?

  • Spiderman's Talking Suit makes it okay for Peter to talk to himself
  • Into the Spiderverse possibly the best Spiderman movie to date.
  • Venom - Sony's doing good making money, but not brownie points with fans.
  • Violence in Venom and re-editing like in anime
  • Venom went to dvd fast
  • Venom magnetic slime:


  • Ending rants, Phase 4 predictions? Matt Damon is Wolverine!