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EP 16 - We’re Out of the Endgame Now…

April 30, 2019

We're out of the Endgame now!!!

Watch out SPOILERS GALORE!!!!!!!!!

  • We Totally Cried
  • Avengers Character Development
  • Antman & Time Travel
  • The Ancient One in NYC
  • Is Endgame your #1?
  • Endgame will break all the records
  • You shouldn't watch Endgame if..
  • Growing up MCU
  • MCU credits and Handprints at the TCL Chinese Theatre
  • It's all Ending, MCU, Game of Thrones, Mortal Kombat...
  • Nobody complaining about ENDGAME diversity etc...
  • Does Thor have PTSD?
  • Bring back Asgard
  • Peter still in high school 5 years later?
  • The Gauntlet in Endgame
  • Girlpower scene?
  • Asgardians of the Galaxy movie?
  • Hulk in ENDGAME
  • People purposely spoiling...
  • Captain America in ENDGAME
  • Iron Man in ENDGAME
  • Endgame No Butterfly Effect?
  • Avengers Mansion in ENDGAME
  • Endgame theories failed.
  • New ENDGAME tech?
  • Avengers back to normal?
  • Rules of the Soul Stone or No?
  • Stan Lee's last Cameo in ENDGAME
  • Evans as Cap in ENDGAME
  • Things Josh still wanted to see in ENDGAME
  • Cap's surprises in ENDGAME
  • Gamora after Endgame
  • MCU after Endgame?
  • Who is the kid in Endgame?
  • Avengers Endgame Farewell!
  • Captain Marvel, I have telepathy?

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