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EP 10 - The MEG is the best early 2000’s movie ever!

March 20, 2019

Intro - We're Back
Captain Marvel, yeah check out our other review we're not going to talk much about it here.

- It's leading us to END GAME!!!

- Via a Clark Gregg Interview: Is Goose indirectly responsible for bringing back Agent Coulson

- The new Avengers END GAME TRAILER!!!
Josh gives into watching the new trailer

- Coulson letting Fury and Carol go gives their relationship more validity and cemented their respect for each other.

- How do you know Fury didn't use the pager before?
Anytime the Avengers are taking on a problem, that's probably good enough for Fury.

- What if Captain Marvel saved everyone without them knowing?

- EXCITED for SHAZAM!!! But we just go straight back to End Game trailer lol

- I guess Thor is over Jane now, at least that's what the memes say.

- Cosmic Book News, yeah we're not using them anymore for news/etc. Box office numbers are really hard to lie about.

- Wow, there's an Internation Market for movies? Sarcasm ensures.
The Meg & early 2000s female scientists always look super sexy.

- Pitch Meeting: We stopped caring about people who haven't seen previous movies like 5 years ago.

- Confused about the stones/gems and who got powers from what and when and why?
Too many movies, we need to rewatch again...

- Could Ultron Come Back?

- Was Peggy Carter narrating in the trailer?
Does that say something about Captain America?

- Could Kang the Conqueror come into play?
Rod hopes not, no new characters in this movie!

- Josh's End Game Theory

- Time travel is a given
Why didn't Thanos just grab the stones from other dimensions?
HISHE for Into The Spiderverse, wouldn't another Thanos just show up?

- Is this Stan Lee's last Cameo?
Does Carol know Stan is a Watcher?
His Cameo should push the story.

-When is Phase 4?

- When's the Fox merger finalize?

- James Gunn is back!

- Disney's history isn't spotless

- Either way, Gunn is back!
The whole cast was behind him as was the entire internet.
Suicide Squad is playful like Guardians is.

- Rod's conspiracy theory?

- Will End Game end like the comics?
MCU starting to really stray for the comics.

- TMNT vs Batman?- Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon

- Josh's Dad on the Ninja Turtles circa 1990

- Are the Ninja Turtles and Daredevil related via the Ooze?

- Godzilla? Godzilla and 90s Soundtracks

- New Spawn TV Show

- Replacing Will Smith in Suicide Squad 2?
Replacing Will Smith With Idris Elba?
Suicide Squad is a reboot?

- Calvin and Hobbes the dark version? Nah it's just Fast and the Furious spin-off.
Are they going full Superhero/Supervillain in the new Fast and the Furious movies?
Is Fast and the Furious jumping the shark?

- Fast and the Furious mixed up with Triple X?
Josh has the Mandela effect for the 3rd Triple X movie.

- The Riddick series and the Transporter series wasn't bad!

- Arrow and Legends are canceled...?

- End Rant

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