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EP 6 - Was Matt Damon just cast as Professor Xavier???

February 27, 2019

Before we get blasted for this, the episode is about how click bait fake news is running rampant about all our favorite comic book movies. So for people who might get bent out of shape, we figured people would obviously realize it's a troll... but I guess not. 🙄


1st 5 Minutes of Nonsense:
Is Matt Damon the new…..? #MattDamonIsProfessorXaxier #MattDamonIsXavier
Of course not, these click bait articles have GOT TO STOP.

2:00 New Mutants Delayed again, possibly released on Hulu instead.

3:00 90’s Disney

4:10 Vince wants to see Xmen in Space!

4:45 Quantum Realm activates the X gene?

6:10 The amount of fake news on X-men casting is ridiculous.
Nick Jonas wants to be Batman?
Kevin Smith says Tom Cruise would be a good Wolverine?
Gal Gadot in the MCU
Who do you see as Wolverine?
Jason Statham is wolverine?

11:15 Michael Keaton would be awesome as an old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie!
He made Spiderman Homecoming

11:49 A younger Joseph Gordon Levitt would’ve been a great Batman Beyond.

12:32 GI Joe was pretty forgettable…

14:51 The first transformers movie was the best one because the transformers were good and the decepticons were bad.

16:36 Jay Chow also would have been an excelled Batman Beyond.

17:09 Josh didn’t like Green Hornet. But didn’t want the Batman 66 feel in the movie either.

17:36 Loving on Michael Keaton’s characters.

18:51 If you’ve never seen Lego Batman, GO SEE IT.

19:55 If it hadn’t been for Heath Ledger’s Joker, Nolan’s Batman wouldn’t have been held as high as it is.

20:45 Rod’s Pet Peeves: Recasting

21:11 Rod and Josh would have loved to see Terrance Howard as War Machine. Don’t get us wrong, Don Cheadle is amazing. Edward Norton as Hulk in the same way.

22:47 Vince shares his love for Dawsons Creek… or maybe just Katie Holmes
But One Tree Hill too.

24:33 Fringe, I love Fringe. But do you really love Fringe?

25:26 Wizard Magazine from the 90’s and their picks at who will be cast as the X-men.
Patrick Stewart as Xavier was always the choice

27:06 We will never know the real stories on why people were or weren’t picked. Just like David Karadeen was picked over Bruce Lee for the TV show “Kung Fu”

30:02 Eartha Kit was the best Catwoman.

31:00 Kevin Smith talks about how Bat Girl got him going when he’d see her in the intro of Batman 66

32:49 Agents of Shield got us excited with their intro changes.
Such a good show

34:47 Wizard’s who should have played Bishop in the 90s?
Wizard says Michael Dorn who was Warf on Star Trek the Next Generation!

35:42 Bishop and non main characters in Days of Future Past were all very forgettable.
36:06 Idris Elba as 007?

38:16 Who should have played Colossus in the 90s?

39:10 Dolph Lundren is still awesome.
Dolph shines in Aquaman and Universal Soldier

42:30 Did you like Daniel Cudmore as Colossus?

42:43 Colossus in Deadpool 2 is the best
We like it at least a little campy

44:37 Colossus in the X-men arcade was the best, Dazzler was a close second
If you have one, Josh will buy it from you. Much to his wife’s shagrin.
“X-men welcome… TO DIE!!!!”

44:56 Who should have played Cyclops in the 90s?
Michael Biehn

Tom Selleck was too old to play Cyclops

47:07 James Marsden is a great actor, they just wrote cyclops character as a d=bag.

47:35 Bryan Singer takes Marsden for Superman Returns

47:44 Josh “goes there” about Bryan Singer

48:57 Who should have played Storm in the 90s?
Rod says Grace Jones
Wizard says Iman

50:30 Buzzfeed thought Halle Berry’s Storm was a great choice.

51:37 Actors usually hate acting on green screen.

52:04 Who should have played Gambit in the 90s?
Wizard says Jean Claude Van Damme

We have a brief tangent about accents...

54:53 Fox chose Taylor Kitsch for Gambit in Wolverine X-men Origins

Rod forgot Gambit exists in the Xmen movies
X-men the animated series cements our idea of each character in our minds.

56:21 Josh is happy they killed that Fox Gambit movie

57:07 Vince’s favorite Channing Tatum movie is Logan Lucky

57:53 Who should have played Jean Grey in the 90s?
Famke Jansen was 100% a great choice like Hugh & Stewart
Giant Size X-men again…

Rod says Elizabeth Berkley

Wizard says Nicole Kidman


1:00:59 Who should have played Psylocke in the 90s?
Olivia Munn was great, but didn’t do crap with her

Wizard chose Tia Carrere

1:01:42 Who should have played Cable in the 90s?
Josh Brolin was great, but his size isn’t there.

Wizard picked Clint Eastwood

1:03:06 Who should have played Magneto in the 90s?
Rod says Christopher Lambert

Wizard says Rutger Hauer

1:05:12 Who should have played Sabertooth in the 90s?
Wizard Clancy Brown

1:05:55 Emma Frost aka The White Queen
Wizard says Rebecca De Mornay

January Jones was great, blame the screenwriters

1:07:16 Who Should Have played Juggernaut in the 90s?
Rod says Arnold pr Bam Bigalo
Wizard says the wrestler Vader…???

1:08:37 Who should have played Wolverine?
Wizard says Glen Danzig….. Lol

1:09:51 Random endings, craziness… but do you really like Fringe?

1:11:37 Goodbyes and socials